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Tomato Face Mask Part 2

June 27th, 2017

We are continuing with another Tomato face mask because they are so good for your skin. Hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think.

Brighten dull skin with a brightening tomato and honey face mask. Tomato has a rich lycopene content which can slightly tan your skin giving you that gorgeous glowing look. Tomato will also protect your skin from UV lights, making it a natural sunscreen. Honey has skin lightening and brightening properties. Let’s look at more skin benefits of skin:
Role in Face Mask
Natural humectant. Locks moisture in skin cells. Has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that protect skin from bacteria and germs. Defends skin from free radical damage. Clears out acne and prevents further breakouts. Helps fade acne scars, blemishes and dark marks. Slows down aging.

Use raw honey for skin. Processed products can irritate skin.
Protect your hairline from this sticky face mask by wearing a headband and also to keep away any stray hairs or bangs.
Apply all face masks over your kitchen/bathroom sinks to avoid sticky messes on the floor.

1/2 ripe tomato
1 tablespoon honey
Blend the tomato till you get a smooth puree. Stir in the honey and mix well. Apply the mixture onto your face. Sit for 15 minutes to allow the mixture to sink deep. When the time is up, wash off with cold water. Pat your face dry.