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Fresh Petals and Cucumber Mask !!

March 27th, 2017

Here is a amazing refreshing mask to try with your girlfriends or even mommy and me time !! Let us know what you think.

Cucumbers and Roses are known for their soothing healing anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.
This soothing refreshing combo of cucumber and roses is beneficial for all skin types conditions, especially for sensitive maturing over exposed skin or people with sun damaged skin or easily irritated skin.

Cut Cucumber into chunks, discard any excess water, add fresh rose petals, blend on high to puree add the oil.
Remove from blender add clay to make a paste.
Apply thick layer to skin and leave on 30 mins.

½ cup rose petals
Coconut oil

Quick Tips
Rose Geranium Essential Oil
Add to coconut oil apply to face at night
This essential oil is known as nature’s Botox
Coconut Oil
Use as hair flyaway oil, cleanser .