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Hyaluronic Acid Apple Stem Cell Sheet Mask


Makeup, sun, pollution, chemicals. Your skin goes through a lot of abuse every week, but replenishing it has never been easier! This full sheet mask is one-time only use that infuses your face with nourishing, fast-acting ingredients. Perfect for anti-aging, this mask is jam-packed with some of the best cleansing extracts on the market. The gentle acids help strip away dead skin while the extracts revitalize it for a beautiful glow. It will be your new weekly go-to!

Wash your face and apply to clean skin for 20-30 minutes. Work the remaining liquid into your skin.

Pro-Tip: I like to apply my mask and watch TV until it’s absolutely dry. You can also sleep in the mask, allowing the ingredients to feed your skin overnight!

Ingredients: Rose extract, hyaluronic acid 3%, allantoin, wild chrysanthemum juice, neem extracts 5, lavender concentrate, propylene glycol, glycerin, vitamin B3, five peptides, seaweed extract, AQUA

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