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Be your own Valentine! VIP BOX


Happy Valentine's Day from Heather Marianna & the Beauty Kitchen Staff!

Whichever box you check we have you covered with this month's VIP Valentine's Day Themed Beauty Box!




It's Complicated?

Dating APPS are life!

Married to my Goals-

Dating someone who doesn't know I exist!

Too Glam to give a damn!

(Heather Marianna's saying)

Welcome to February subscribers! This month's theme is Be Your Own Valentine!

You can't love anyone else until you love yourself, right? We have included six items you can use to love yourself during this Valentine's Month of love!

I hope you enjoy every single item in this package and use it to pamper yourself, love yourself and take time for yourself. Some of my very best ideas for the Beauty Kitchen come to me when I sit, Relax and turn my phone off.


<3 4-OZ Beauty Kitchen kisses wash & lotion set with Loofah

<3 Beauty Kitchen Kisses Soap Set

<3 Beauty Kitchen Kisses red Wine Lip & Eye Collagen Mask

<3 The Anti-Valentine Black Chantilly Lace Face Mask


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