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November VIP Beauty Box, The Giving Box


Happy November!
As we all give thanks for what we have this holiday season Beauty Kitchen also wants to thank all of our subscribers for your support! We have included an extra item for you to share and give a friend along with a special code for them to use!
And as we prepare for the holiday season of parties and shopping it's important to take some time for yourself. Keep a few of these items on your nightstand and remember to always say what you're thankful for before you sleep!
This Month's VIP Beauty Box will give you life from head to toe. With Cranberries and Berries as a main theme we know you will love our creations this month.

Love Trial sizes? Sign up for the mini as well and always have your purse and gym bag mini size items ready to go!

*Cranberry Fizz Body Butter
*Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel
*Saucy Cranberry Aloe Lip Gel
*Geranium Berry Facial Toner
Live, Love, Give!

Heather Marianna


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