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Masquerade Eyes Lace Collagen Eyes


A little mystery never hurt anyone... Focusing on the entire eye area & brow frown area with the look of lace, this mask is not only effective, anytime you need to de-puff, de stressed and erase signs of tired eyes!

Ingredients: Collagen Allantoin Amino acid Propanediol, glycerin Algae Plant DNA Living Cells EGF VE Hyaluronic acid,Rose essential Water Peptide.

Useful information: Superior hydrogel,contains the amount of serum in five regular sheet masks. The serum in this lace mask penetrates skin quickly and nutrients will be dissolved into the skin as your face gets warmer to comprehensively protect and nourish the skin. This mask is made of a super thin hydrogel that fits snugly to your face and will not slip!!