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Mermaids Are Real by Sarah Lyn of VH1


Mermaids are Real Aquamarine Set. Free Shipping!!

Set includes four “Eye Gems” (otherwise known as eye gels) hand selected by Sarah Lyn for the marine extract and the properties that are within them and a six ounce bottle of Mermaid Mist!

•Relax and de-stress with these sea kelp and marine infused eye gels

•Designed with her time in Bora Bora in mind Sarah Lyn wanted to create a line that would bring everyone back to refreshing days on the beach

The highlight of the Aquamarine set is the Marine infused Rose Water mist formulated for Hair and face.

Formulated by Sarah Lyn with the help of Heather Marianna and the Beauty Kitchen while taking into account her time in Bora Bora for VH1 and all the benefits of the ocean she felt on her skin and hair the two have created Mermaid Mist!







Mermaid mist contains Algae extract that is a whole plant algae extract that nourishes the skin and hair (best used at the root of the hair) and protects the skin from antioxidants. Algae extract also helps to diminish wrinkles and is extremely hydrating for the skin. The other key component in Mermaid Mist is the Sea Kelp extract, Sea kelp can be found in cooler coastal waters, which is exactly why we chose to add this amazing mineral. Sea kelp contains a high amount of Silicon, which we all know silicon is a favorite for treatments but this silicon is natural and will strengthen skin from sagging and prevent wrinkles and will also keep the hair shafts from breaking.

Wrap all of this in Beauty Kitchens Rose water imported from Lebanon and add a dash of essential oils for a beachy scent and there you have mermaid mist.

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