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Pumpkin Pie Hand Sanitizer


Traveling the planet can get your hands a little dirty, so when soap and water is not an option, All Natural Pumpkin Pie Hand Sanitizer is a healthy, artisan edition organic sanitizer. Feel free to pass it around to your fellow travelers for it is safe for all skin types.

Surround your skin with luxurious lather, bursting with Pumpkin Pie Hand Sanitizer's irresistibly warm and sensual aroma. Aloe Vera-derived cleansers coupled with skin loving pumpkin puree help to thoroughly clean and refresh your hands leaving them feeling silky soft.

This refreshing formula of Pumpkin Pie Hand Sanitizer contains natural plant extracts to help clean and nourish the skin while leaving behind a warm, autumn inspired fragrance. With the Aloe base, this Pumpkin Pie Hand Sanitizer can also help moisturize and keep your skin silky smooth after a wash. The scent for this spray is a pumpkin spice, vanilla, cinnamon scent.

Available in 6oz


-Heather Marianna

Available in 6oz Full Size& 2 oz Travel Size

Pro Tip: Leave in your purse or gym bag to have always hydrated, wonderful smelling skin on the go.

Directions: Apply and massage this luxurious cleansing blend all over your hands to kill any bacteria.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend Aloe Vera Oil, Pumpkin Puree Essential Oil, and a Splash of Alcohol

•Free from parabens, phthalates, triclosan, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, and sulfates

•Not tested on animals

Handmade in the USA


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