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Soothing Jasmine All-Natural Bath Soak


Bathe in a field of crushed organic Jasmine flowers as the scent of the Jasmine essential oil permeates your skin and bathroom.

A soothing blend of Jasmine Essential Oils, Pink Himalayan Salt, infused with dried organic Jasmine Flowers, this is sure to be one of  your favorite bath salts of all time. This decadent, fragrant bath leaves skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized. The soak comes in a convenient re-sealable 16 oz. pouch.


-Heather Marianna

This comes in a full 16oz, or 4oz sample pack

Pro tip:

Perfect for using in a bedside steamer to help you sleep, or simply take a hot bath with a double dose (½ cup) of soak and head to bed right after!


Add ¼ of a cup to a running bath.

Double the recipe for an intense aroma therapy experience


Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt (course, fine and medium grain), Pink Himalayan Salt, and Jasmine Essential Oil.

•Free from parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, and sulfates

•Not tested on animals

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