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Las Vegas Morning Blend December 27th 2012, NYE Party Hostess Gifts Beauty Kitchen Style

December 26th, 2012

Today is December 26th and I am preparing for my appearance on the Las Vegas Morning Blend News Show. I am going to start creating a blog for every tv appearance I do so that you viewers can come onto my site and print out exactly what I did, so you too can create your own Beauty Kitchen.

Tomorrow I will be making a Cherry Pomegranate Lip Gloss. Here are the ingredient’s that you will need:

lipgloss blend

1/2 cup of Aquaphor, available in the baby isle.

1-2 packets of Crystal Light, Cherry Pomegranate.

1-2 drops of water.

Containers to present the lip gloss

Directions Step by step:

Add the Aquaphor to a glass bowl, add 1 packet of the Crystal Light, add a few drops of water to melt the crystal light, you don’t want it to be gritty!!! Blend until it sets, add more water and Crystal Light as you wish, and place into containers!





I will also be making a Sugar Scrub. Here is what you will need!

1 cup of Sugar

1/3 Cup of Almond Oil

Essential Oils of your choice, as well as other additives

A container to present the scrub

Place the Sugar into a glass bowl, add oil, essential oils, and additives.

Place into a presentation container tie and ribbon on it and your done!


I like to add Lavender oil and leaves to my scrubs they are so calming and really make for a great scrub.

strawberriesYou can also add fresh fruit but remember it must be refrigerated and only last for two weeks! So if giving a gift of a fresh fruit scrub, please let your recipient know there is only a two week shelf life!



Watch me on the Morning Blend by Clicking this Link